Garden ResQ

The Garden ResQ unit is fabricated from robust material that has been designed to withstand the harsh Southern African climate. The products and material that have been used in the unit will help ensure that your Garden ResQ system will provide you with many years of trouble free service if installed and maintained correctly. Please note that the unit is only splash proof and therefore every effort should be made to protect the unit from excess water whether from rain or ground seepage.

The automated pump is specifically designed for use with a low pressure pyramid type sprinkler attachment. This unit is not designed to operate a 'pop up' or any other high pressure sprinkler system. Landscaping conditions may require that the length of irrigation pipe or garden hose be lengthened or shortened. Extensive testing on a level landscaped garden has shown that a single low pressure sprinkler is accommodated very well on a 30 metre irrigation pipe (20mm). This is sufficient for most small to medium sized gardens.

Garden ResQ has been designed to allow for +-15% of all grey water to return to the sewer. This water serves as a lubricant in the sewer pipes and assists with the removal of any solids in your sewer system. It is important to keep the sewer moist and prevents the rubber seals from drying out.

The unit can processes approximately 12 litres of grey water per minute (+/-60 litres per five minute shower) with a 30 meter irrigation pipe (20mm) on level ground.

Failure to keep your Garden ResQ filter clean and free from debris will result in grey water returning to the sewer via the failsafe return to sewer facility. A dirty filter will also prevent the unit from working at its optimum.

Easy access to the filter basket has been provided by means of a removable screw type lid. Regularly cleaning of the filter basket of any hair and debris will result in years of trouble free service.

The average DIY handyman will be competent to install a unit in the average home in under 60 minutes. The minor plumbing work required is only to connect the unit to the existing down pipes. We however recommend that all electrical connections be carried out by a qualified electrician.