Biodynamic Products

Bloublommetjieskloof Farm Products are manufactured on Bloublommetjieskloof Biodynamic farm in Wellington. All their products are certified with BDOCA (Biodynamic Organic Certification Authority) which means they contain more than 95% biodynamical produced ingredients sourced directly from the farm and are strictly 100% natural and organic.

The Biodynamic Organic certification is an annual inspection programme where all production is monitored and exhaustively checked to ensure compliance with biodynamic and organic rules and guidelines.

Biodynamic farming is a system of farming where there is a conscious awareness of the spiritual world in all farming activities. Since synthetic chemicals form a barrier against the spiritual world, absolutely none are ever used. Biodynamics serves to enhance nature and her well being.

Natural soaps are low foaming and may vary in consistency and colour. Unlike synthetic chemicals, natural soaps do not provide magical results with minimal effort, but used correctly are just as effective. The products are safe for the environment and also good for the soil - so allow all the water wash to run directly into the garden.